Team Goldy



Experts at building rapport / trust within 1-2 minutes. From there, we smoothly transition into uncovering the business online needs/goals . If customer is already established, find out pain points of current setup or ways to improve efficiency.  ASSUME THE SALE! Offer & Close

Our Story

A group of individuals that have adapted and grown into 1 cohesive unit.  Our culture is that of a big family. We are competitive, hungry, have fun and strive to be the best each and every day. We work together to impact as many customers as possible and put up as much New Revenue as possible.

Meet the Team

Kelly “Kelly Kell” Hames


Justiene “The Queen” Radcliff

Alec “AB” Besson

James “JDub” Allen

“Capt” Kirk Grider

Tony “Fi$hBone” Jerome

Brian “BMath” Mathisen

Charles “CC” Caballero

Bryan “BNate” Nathanson

“Scuba” Steve Semanek

Mario “Rio” Celaya

Richard “Richie Rich” Holmes

Jeremy “JJ” Jackson

Cory “Cmart” Martin

Sargon “Shamoney “Shamon

Next Steps…

If you need any assistance closing any deals. New Revenue or renewal, feel free to reach out to any team member. For a SMALL percentage we will CLOSE!

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